Today¬†the sparrows have been hiding, nowhere to be seen. I thought it was perhaps the heavy rain showers we’ve had. No sign of Mr Blackbird or Mr Robin either. All very quiet in the garden. Put some grub out, but no takers. All very strange. While making something to eat this evening, look who showed up on my fence. Mrs Sparrowhawk! That explains that then.

Female sparrowhawk perched on a garden fence

Fuji and the Medium Format enigma

Before you commit funds to research and development of a new camera system, one of the first things you absolutely need to identify is a market. Who is going to buy your stuff?

Last year Fuji released an amazing medium format camera system to the world. Sure, it is beautiful and the images are out of this world and the lenses are to die for, but who is it for? Who is going to buy the system? I love Fuji and I have the X-T1, the X-T2, the X-T3, the 16-55mm and the 50-140mm, and I have plans to buy the the 100-400mm.

Question – is the new Fuji Medium format camera system for me? Am I the market place for buying this new system?

I’ve spent in the region of ¬£6000 on my Fuji gear, and I love it. I love my cameras and I love my lenses. I don’t need the X-T1 but I can’t bring myself to sell it because I’m still in love with it. As much as I would love the medium format system, I’m not going to sell all my X gear on eBay and then spend thousands more on a new camera system.

So where is the market?

Well, it isn’t existing Fuji X system owners. They’re not going to sell all their gear to buy a new system when the one they have is absolutely wonderful and they are in love with their gear. So if it isn’t Fuji X system owners, who is it? Phase One medium format camera owners? Are Phase One camera owners going to sell all their digital backs and lenses and buy the new Fuji system? I don’t think so.

So where is the market?

The truth is, there isn’t one. There never was a market for such a camera system. Did Fuji think we were all going to dump the love of our life and go out with a strange woman we’ve never met? I don’t know what Fuji thought, but I suspect they listen too much to Internet noise. Making decisions to invest good money by listening to the noise at a rumour site will most likely make you go broke.

Okay, so where does it go now? Well, there was no market for their medium format system so Fuji are going to have to create a new market from scratch and build it up over a period of time. It can work, but they will have to be patient and look after their medium format photographers with as much care as they shower on their X system owners. The market will grow in time and I believe it will be successful in the long term, but I don’t think it should have happened in the first place.

Please Fuji, don’t listen to any more rubbish spouted by a rumour site. Do your market research and identify your markets before spending your money, like you did with your amazingly successful X system and Instax cameras. Just because a rumour site tells you what they think you should make is no basis for making decisions on anything, it’s just noise.



No new photos?

Not seeing photos here for a while? It’s because I’m ploughing through a backlog of over 1000 old photos and preparing them for upload. Key wording isn’t my favourite part of the job. To try and motivate myself to get this done, I’ve taken a holiday from taking new photos for a while. This is one I’ve just finished working on, it’s an old photo of Sprocket gold panning at Kildonan. Lara Croft makes a good distraction from the tedium of key wording and checking over old photos.

Man gold panning in the Kildonan Burn in Sutherland