Brora beach this morning

A walk along Brora beach this morning. Cold but as beautiful as always. I’ve started shooting in 16:9 as 3:2 doesn’t do it for me any longer.


A Brora walk

Up the Coal Pit road, Badnellan, the Ford, through the Doll, Sputie, and back along the backshore. Set off after lunch and it was dark by the time I got home. Wonderful light at this time of year.

My Fuji love affair

Was out for a walk yesterday, photos soon, and an amazing thing happened. I learned to love my Fuji X-T2 more than I love my Fuji X-T1. Never thought that would happen. Amazing camera, such a joy to use, and the image files that come out of it are wonderful. There’s an X-T3 now, hmmmm



The will to live is an amazing thing. I was in the shower once, and a spider which had been hiding somewhere was flushed out with the shower water. I knelt down, and I kid you not, he fell over and pretended he was dead. When I picked him up, his legs were all limp and soggy, and he really did look dead. But I knew the little brute was pretending. He had fallen over on his side too dramatically, so I knew the little bastard was acting. I had no intentions of killing him, but he didn’t know that. I opened the window and put his limp body outside on the dry slates. After a minute or so, he had a quick look around, figured he was safe, and scuttled off under the window ledge.

Who would have thought a spider would have the presence of mind to play dead so he could escape? And how do they manage to climb up cars and get in behind the wing mirrors? I mean, there is no way up there. Do they clamber up the tyres, scuttle along a drive shaft, climb up the engine, run over the radiator, squeeze out the grill, then scuttle over the bonnet and make themselves at home behind the mirror? And just look at their webs! Spiders must think things through, they must have intelligence.


Brora dawn

Lovely morning in Brora, sun is shining again, and all the ice has thawed. Lovely out there. I was in Aberdeen yesterday, to see a heart specialist, and I’ve been given the all clear. Now, how does a 60 year old who hasn’t been able to work for 12 years find a job? This could be interesting!

Brora harbour at dawn

Olympus Tough review

A while back, I decided I needed a rugged, waterproof, shockproof pocket camera that I could take outdoors in all weathers in all conditions for taking photos and videos for blogs and social sites. After days of reading reviews I opted for an Olympus Tough.

The camera took fairly decent stills and the video footage was okay for YouTube and blogging stuff. However, when sending emails, blogging, or posting stills to Facebook, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA kept sticking its snotty nose into my posts. This totally annoyed the shit out of me for weeks until I discovered that the stupid camera was automatically writing OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA into the exif information. The only way to prevent that was to physically go into the exif information in every single photo and manually delete it. No doubt someone in their development team thought this would be good marketing strategy. I hope they’ve sacked the lame cunt because that one point alone would prevent me from ever buying an Olympus camera ever again.

Two weeks ago I went canoeing down a river for the first time. I’d never done it before and I was excited. Deleting the exif information, although annoying, didn’t prevent the camera from taking decent video and stills, so we were still sort of half friends. With the Olympus Tough hanging around my neck, off we paddled. I was really looking forward to making a video of the trip when we got home.

Downstream, the river became tangled with branches from overhanging trees. “Don’t grab tree branches!” my mate cried. It was too late, I was holding onto a tree branch to stop it scratching my face and over we went, splash! After a few laughs, and back in the boat, off we went again paddling happily.

The next time I went to shoot some video, the camera wouldn’t switch on. The back display was dead. Then I noticed one of the two covers into the camera was open. There were two sliding clips that locked each of the covers, so how did one of them open? The camera had been hanging around my neck, so how could those two sliding clips have been unlocked?

Turns out, this has happened before, and nor is it uncommon. It’s a flaw in the camera design. The locks on the covers can be unlocked by rubbing on clothing, in my case a drysuit.

I tried for two days to dry the camera out and eventually gave up. It was totally dead. It does not do the job as advertised. It can’t even handle capsizing in a canoe. Now that it was totally dead, I thought I’d see how shockproof it really was. It didn’t handle a hammer very well at all.

To be fair, this isn’t the latest model, so perhaps the camera has been improved to actually make it waterproof, I don’t know, but I shan’t be spending any more money to find out.